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Game Review: Dansband På Turné

Play’n GO invites fans to travel back in time and experience the lively world of 1970s Sweden with their latest slot creation, Dansband På Turné. 

Banner for Play'n GO's new game Dansband På Turné

This dynamic slot draws players into a world where the magnetic energy of retro dance-pop and Sweden come alive with the rhythms of the mythical dansband tour bus, crafted specifically for this title. Set against a backdrop that captures the era’s essence – Dansband På Turné invites players to join an exhilarating musical journey filled with dynamic gameplay and exciting features. Read on to learn more about this music slot’s funky features. 

What is dansband music? 

Dansband music is a Swedish portmanteau for "dance band", which embodies the vibrant dance music scene of the suave 1970s. Known as danseband in Norwegian and Danish – these bands play "dansbandsmusik", a genre perfect for pair dancing, with jitterbug and foxtrot rhythms often gracing the dance floors. The music draws inspiration from schlager, country, classic rock'n roll, and swing, with a significant influence from the rock music of the 1950s and 1960s. 

The lyrics of dansbandsmusik are typically upbeat – celebrating themes of love, companionship, and unity. Many songs are dedicated to dancing itself, while others delve into national romanticism and native landscapes.  

In Sweden, lyrics are predominantly in Swedish, while in Norway, they are in Norwegian with little crossover. Noteworthy Dansband groups include Sweden's Arvingarna, Benny Anderssons Orkester, and Barbados, among a plethora of other talented groups – all with their own sound palettes and sub-genres. 

Screenshot of Play'n GO's new game Dansband På Turné

How to play Dansband På Turné  

Dansband På Turné is a 5x3 online slot, reminiscent of classic Play’n GO music-themed outings like Saxon and Annihilator. As players spin the reels, they’ll travel to Malung, Sweden's epicentre of Dansband music. Players should land three or more symbols to secure a standard win. With Full Reel Wilds, Spin Multipliers, and Progressive Free Spins, the gameplay is as thrilling as the music. 


Dansband På Turné Features 

 Full Reel Wilds can fully occupy the reels, significantly boosting the gamers’ chances of upping their potential. Featuring Dansband musicians, watch as these Full Reel Wilds light up the reels and amplify winnings. 


Every spin carries its own randomised Win Multiplier, adding an extra layer of excitement. Each spin offers a fresh chance to score higher payouts, building anticipation with every turn of the reels. 


Players can trigger the Free Spins round by landing the Malung Sign and the Sing and Bus symbols. This round awards up to 15 Free Spins, with the Win Multiplier from the base game carrying over and progressively increasing with each spin. The more the reels spin, the higher the Multiplier climbs, leading to potentially massive payouts. Keep the rhythm going and see how high players can climb in Dansband På Turné


Second screenshot of Play'n GO's new game Dansband På Turné

What are the visuals like? 

Like Mötley Crüe, Lordi Reel Monsters and NSYNC Pop! before it – Dansband captures the essence of the music world. This time, however, Play’n GO utilises 1970s Sweden as a canvas to craft bold animations and artwork. The reels are set against the backdrop of a tour bus, instantly transporting players to the lively era of colourful costumes and infectious beats. Each symbol on the reels reflects the theme beautifully, from musical instruments like the accordion and saxophone to the iconic Dansband outfits, truly coding the slot narrative to the visuals. 


Overall, Dansband På Turné isn’t just a slot game – it’s a love letter to Swedish culture and the ‘70s stylings of yesteryear. With features like Full Reel Wilds that can occupy entire reels, Spin Multipliers that elevate the excitement with each spin, and Progressive Free Spins triggered by the iconic Malung Sign and Sing and Bus symbols, the gameplay is as dynamic as the music itself. Each element of Dansband På Turné invites players to spin the reels and experience the exhilarating energy of Dansband music firsthand. 


Whether you’re drawn to the nostalgia of the 1970s or simply enjoy beautifully crafted slots with immersive narratives, Dansband På Turné promises to charm and captivate. It offers an unforgettable musical tour through Sweden’s Dansband scene, where players can groove to the tunes of a bygone era and chase after potentially massive payouts. Step into the spotlight, embrace the rhythm, and let Dansband På Turné sweep you off your feet in a whirlwind of epic rewards. 


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